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The basics of ventilation is the process of bringing fresh air into the building and removing the indoor air.

By removing indoor air, we can remove the air that is:

  • Stale

  • Contaminated with pollutants and impurities.

  • Hot/humid (due to work and processes)

The importance of ventilation in the workplace.

Ventilation can improve several factors for the building and the occupants.

Improved air quality – An effective ventilation system can remove the buildup of bad odours, bacteria, and pollutants.

Improved Productivity – Having a comfortable work environment has been proven to boost productivity and cognitive performance.

Reduced Employee absence – Having optimal air quality within the workspace can help improve the health of staff, with poor air quality and lack of consistent temperature can exacerbate a few different health conditions such as respiratory conditions and allergies, and also create an environment where viruses are more easily transmitted.

Mechanical Ventilation Heat Recovery System

The MVHR systems uses the indoor air to heat the fresh air that comes in using a heat exchanger, It is a great way to keep a consistent temperature as well as energy saving benefits. MVHR can also bee used to help bring fresh air to supply the air conditioning system withing the workspace.

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