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Now more than ever it is important to make sure your house, office or workspace is properly ventilated. Installing ventilation within your home or place of work can provide you with fresh and healthy air. ng 


It is law that all employers must provide a well ventilated workspace.


By having a room with good ventilation, it enables the fresh air to enter the room, replacing it with air that may contain microorganisms like COVID-19 causing SARS-CoV-2, the swift removal of these organisms will help reduce the risk of aerosol transmission.


Basically, mechanical ventilation brings in fresh air from outside into the building.


Ideally these systems need to maximise fresh air and minimise recirculation.


Any heating, ventilation and air conditioning systems can be used to help maintain a comfortable room especially if it is correctly maintained, it can also help reduce the spread of Covid-19, they can do this by increasing the rate of air change, reducing air recirculation and increasing the amount of air coming in.


Here at Delta- T Cooling we can help ensure your working space is a well ventilated, warm/cool and most importantly a clean environment to live and work in.


It’s so important to ensure good ventilation within your home, office or workspace. With current guidelines it is now even more important for safety reasons to ensure a high standard of air quality is achieved, in some applications it is important that a minimum number of Air Changes per hour ( ACH or ACPH) are achieved this could also impact fallow time within medical practices. Here at Delta- T Cooling we have the tools and expertise to ensure your home/office or workplace is properly ventilated.


Upon contacting us one of our experts will liaise with you to understand your requirements, we can come out and calculate how effective the current ventilation in your workspace is and how compliant it is with current guidelines, we are always more than happy to work around the client and will be happy to install your new system at the most convenient time for you to ensure you and your business have minimal downtime. With our expertise we can help make your space comfortable and help reduce the spread of diseases. 

Service & Maintanence

Its so important to ensure your ventilation systems are always serviced correctly. Poorly maintained systems can lead to a number of different health risks including increased chance of the spread of transmittable diseases and airborne viruses, fatigue, sinus and allergy issues, congestion, nausea to name a few. With the introduction of fallow time in medical settings its also important to ensure the system is properly maintained.


With Delta – T Cooling we provide one of our service packages to ensure your ventilation system continues to run effectively, our team will complete a full service of the ventilation system at your premises.


Do you have Air conditioning? Why not get all HVAC systems serviced at the same time, we provide attractive discounts for Air conditioning and Ventilation services when booked together. 


With any mechanical system that is run continuously it is inevitable that wear and tear could cause breakdowns in the system. At Delta-T cooling we try to minimise these with our expert Service and Maintenance packages, but when you need us we will be there with our 24/7 call out, we will be with you as soon as possible. We are confident we can get you back up and running with minimal disruption.

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