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Delta-T Cooling specialise in refrigeration, whether that is commercial or industrial. We have many years of experience in dealing with all kinds of systems, from llaboratories, Supermarkets, and factories.


We offer bespoke installation, servicing, and maintenance packages alongside our 24 hours call out service.



Whether you need services in Hospitals, Schools, Hotels, Restaurants, Shops, Bars, along with many other sectors we have the solution for you.


We provide:

Cool rooms/ Cold Rooms – These are great to maximise storage space, designed with your needs in mind we can create a walk-in fridge/freezer for you. With our F-Gas registered engineers we can install and commission the unit for you.


Cellar Coolers – These are ideal for pubs, clubs, and restaurants where beer and wine are needed to be kept a constant chilled temperature. Cellar coolers are not just limited to beer and wine, it can also be used for other chilled items.

Ice cream Freezers – It is important to ensure your ice cream freezers are working to the optimal level as with any ice cream, sorbet, or gelato it is imperative it is kept in a stable environment. Delta-T Cooling will ensure your equipment is running how it should and if you choose one of our service packages, we can ensure it continues to.

Oil coolers - 

Process cooling – Usually used on an industrial scale, Process cooling is relied upon in so many different industries, trust Delta-T cooling to ensure everything runs smoothly and any downtime is always at a minimum

Fridge/Freezer - Commercial or industrial; Delta T cooling can service and repair your broken fridge or freezer.


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