Server room & data room Air Conditioning installations

It’s not just temperature that’s important in your server rooms, the humidity level must also be optimised to ensure that your delicate equipment stays running smoothly and your data is protected.

Remove the risks of Overheating
Removing the heat that’s generated by your data servers needs an air conditioning system that is designed entirely with server rooms in mind.


Our team of dedicated Air conditioning installation technicians can advise you about the best system for your work space. There are numerous cooling options available, using the most up to date technology.

We can install ductless or twinning systems which means that you can increase your cooling capacity or increase the amount of floor area if you need to expand in the future.

Quiet functionality, energy efficient and innovative design features ensure that your data system is protected from the heat.


Server room cooling Keeping Servers Cool

The types of Air Conditioning units we install in computer rooms include;

  • Wall mounted Air Conditioning
  • Close controll Temperature and humidity control units

We supply and Install Air conditioning systems into server rooms, throughout Peterborough and the surrounding area.

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