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Delta T Cooling installs Air Conditioning which caters for retail outlets of differing sizes and provides a temperature that will encourage customers to linger we can also provide air conditioning units that will help remove odours whether this is body odour or from the stock that is sold. In larger retail units it is important that hot and cold spots are eliminated so that everyone can enjoy a pleasant experience. 


Air conditioners for retail outlets need to be installed in short periods of time to avoid disruption to shoppers and staff alike. The equipment needs to be designed to be unobtrusive, include a rapid response to changing temperatures, be comparatively quick to install, as well as being reliable and flexible. We are able to satisfy these sector requirements and provide an air conditioning system that creates the ideal temperature that is easily to control for your retail outlet, regardless of its size.

Retail store Air Conditioning Retail Store Air Con

The range of Air Conditioning units we supply and install include;

  • installation of wall mounted air conditioning units
  • installation of heat pumps
  • installation of cassette air conditioning units
  • planning and fitting ducted a/c units

We supply and Install Air conditioning systems that are not just cooling systems, throughout Peterborough and the surrounding area.

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