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Maintaining comfortable temperatures in any workplace is important, when working in food production/storage this is even more vital.

Industrial Processes can, depending on the process can create a lot of heat, this heat can warm the factory up greater that what is practical to work in, there for it is important to ensure heat is removed. This can be vented straight outside or can be used to heat other areas of the facility like offices etc, 


Having the correct environment within the food production/ storage factory is so important it can ensure dust levels are controlled, reduce odours and contamination. It is also vital to ensure the produce is kept at is freshest for the longest period.

Here at Delta T cooling, we can supply and install the correct systems for your individual requirements.


Some of the benefits are listed below:


We can help minimise dust particles, this is important to ensure that the food preparation areas are kept clean and to help minimise contaminants entering, we can do this by ensuring that whatever system you decide to fit (air conditioning / Ventilation or both) has the correct filters fitted.

Decrease Odours within the room, when dealing with all manner of food, odours will occur, we cannot stop this happening, what we can do is ensure they are minimised by ensuring the Airconditioning and ventilation in the factory are fitted and working correctly.

Lifespan of food... By ensuring your factory environment has good ventilation and the conditions are at the right temperature you will ensure the produce is kept freshest for longest.


Delta T cooling can help ensure your business is fitted with the correct Airconditioning, Ventilation and refrigeration equipment, we will design and install based on your individual needs and ensure it continues to run with our 24/7 call out services along with our service and maintenance plans we will be on hand to ensure your business has minimal down time. 

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