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Air Conditioning is used to create a comfortable environment for your commercial space, It helps to keep your staff/ Customers comfortable as well as helps productivity.

Air conditioning is also one of the best ways to remove air pollutants and allergens from the work environment.

We can help ensure continued efficient running of the Air conditioning within the building through our planned preventative maintenance packages as well as proving quality installations and a breakdown service for any issues you may have.

Air Conditioning

Planned Preventitive Maintenance

When you have had AC installed within the building its important to keep it maintained, with our Planned preventative packages we work with you to give you full peace of mind, we will service all AC plant on site, this can ensure the air conditioning is running efficiently and most importantly keeping you fully F-Gas compliant. We will maintain all F-Gas records to keep you legally compliant with the regulations.

Equivalent weight of carbon dioxide that the equipment contains (tonnes)
Frequency of leak checks
500 or more
Every 6 months, with automatic leak detection
50 to less than 500
At least once every 6 months
5 to less than 50
At least once every 12 months

Based on the F-Gas rules and regulations the table below indicates the frequency F-Gas inspections are required

A leak detection system should be installed on any equipment that exceeds 500 Tonnes of CO2, these systems will detect a leak and alerts the service company and business. If you have or need leak detection this will also need to be checked once a year to ensure compliance with F-Gas regulations.


With our 22-point Maintenance package we have covered


Delta-T Cooling offer installation services from all the top Air conditioning manufacturers, we will be with you every step of the way. We will ensure a friendly professional service based on your needs. We offer out of hours installation.

Our installation service includes:

·         Initial visit to discuss your individual requirements.

·         Quotation

·         Design and project management.

·         Commencement of works on site.

·         Commissioning

·         Training

·         Warranty services 

We offer free no obligation quotations whether you are looking for a single unit in a room or a full system cover you whole building. 


Regular maintenance can keep your air conditioning going for a long period of time if however, a breakdown occurs the temperature within your premises can change rapidly resulting in staff productivity decreasing or even Equipment’s functions being impaired, whether you are experiencing anything from a water leak to a gas leak we have the experience to ensure you are back up and running with minimal downtime. We pride ourselves on ensuring our customers have the peace of mind that when an issue occurs, we are on hand to deal with all aspects of the repair.

Are you experiencing water leaking from your air conditioning unit? We can help.

When the condensate from the air conditioning unit collects in the drain pan it can carry small particles of dust and debris

and over time can cause blockages in the drain this can cause Mold and mildew buildup which can lead to leaks. 

We can make sure your Air conditioning is ready for summer, we can arrange a visit to inspect and clear the drain lines and give you AC a once over to make sure your units are running smoothly and efficiently for the summer to minimise any future issues.

Experiencing Water Leaks?

Planned Preventitive Maintenance



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