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We can provide solutions to your warm or even overheating server room. No problem is too big or small, including large air con installations, we tailor design our systems to meet your needs ...

Whether it’s your high street shop, office block, factories or small business a commercial air conditioning installation could be the perfect solution ...

Maintaining a comfortable temperature is key to providing a positive atmosphere amongst your visitors, we have a climate control solution to suit you.

Hot conservatory or bedroom in the summer? Cold in the winter? Whatever the problems,  a domestic air con installation could be perfect for you ...

Air Conditioning Installation

Our specialists design Engineers at Delta-T cooiling will assist you in the Installation of your Air con equiptment

Air Conditioning Repair

Air Conditioning Systems are extremely reliable, but still require servicing to ensure system performance isn't reduced or broken. Delta-T Cooling can help you

Air Conditioning Service

We provide professional servicing and maintenance work in Peterborough and Nationally for all types and makes of air conditioning systems. 

Our company

Years of experience combined with our expertise make us well placed to provide expert advice for your project.


As specialists in air conditioning and refrigeration systems, we place great emphasis on training our staff. It's our way of ensuring that we are always in touch with the latest technologies for your installations.

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